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In March 2011 “Mi Patria” opened becoming the first and only Ecuadorian restaurant in Des Moines. Owner Cesar Miranda (Ecuadorian) with more than fifteen years of experience in the restaurant business, accomplished his dream by bringing the aromas and flavors of his country to Des Moines.​

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A customer of the restaurant stated, “I never imagined finding an Ecuadorian restaurant in Iowa”.

This Gives us an idea of the challenges Cesar Miranda encountered.


Before opening the restaurant, Cesar and his wife Delilah Exploited every opportunity to prepare, serve and sell Their dishes in the different festivals and fairs in the area.


They attended World Food Festivals for over four years in Des Moines.

This allowed them to predict the success that they would have with their resteraunt.

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Cesar Miranda - HEAD CHEF


Mi Patria offers menus for Lunch and Dinner. The resteraunt has a Latin atmosphere with ecuadorian ornaments and music.


Within a year of its opening, Mi Patria has been recognized for its quality of food and excellent service. Local media, such as The Des Moines Register and Metromix have dedicated articles to the restaurant. Tripadvisor has awarded “Mi Patria” with a Certificate of Excellence.


For Cesar Miranda achieving these awards reinforces their dedication to their customers in offering them the best Ecuadorian food with high quality and excellent service every day. The resteraunt will be remodeled in September in order to offer clients even a greater and more pleasant experience.

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Mi Patria

Ecuador ( My Country) is a republic located in South America, bordered by Colombia on the north , Peru on the south, and by the Pacific Ocean on the west. The Glapagos Island, famous for their highly diverse and rich ecosystems, about 620 mi west of the mainland, also belong to the country. The main spoken language is the spanish. In some native communities speak Quechua, Shuar and others languages. Ecuador straddles the equator line, from wich it takes its name and has an area of 275.830 km². Is a presidential republic and became independent in 1830. Quito is the capital (2.850 m above sea) and other important cities are Guayaquil ( the most important economic city and port), Cuenca, Esmeralda, Ambato, Manta (important port).


Mi Patria has chosen the best and the more representative of the Ecuadorian food to offer in their menu. Our specialties include of seafood, rice, beans and dishes based on flour, bananas and corn. We also offer traditional Ecuadorian drinks of Tropical and Manzana.